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Weekly Goals Record

Daily Practice Record Sheet

Classroom Rules & Expectations

Classroom Rules

  1. Be on time to class, ready to work. (School’s tardy policy will apply.)
  2. Be respectful of each other and adults at all times.
  3. Be respectful of the instruments.
  4. No food or drinks at the keyboards. Only water is allowed.
  5. Remain at your keyboard unless you have permission to move.
  6. During Zoom lessons/meetings students are required to keep their camera on to ensure participation.
  7. Choose your attitude. Be POSITIVE!


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Detention
  3. Parent Call
  4. Office Referral


  • Upon entering the classroom, students should go to their seats, unpack materials, and quietly warm up at their keyboards unless otherwise instructed.
  • Students should have all materials for each class. This includes music, notebook, headphones, pencils, etc. If students do not come prepared for class, they will lose points from their class work grade. For zoom lessons, students should have materials ready when the zoom begins.
  • All students MUST have their own headphones and adapters.
  • Students are expected to be working on piano material during class. If they are doing homework and projects for other classes, their class work grade will be affected.
  • Students should have their school IDs on upon entering the classroom.
  • Mobile devices (phones) are expected to be silenced and in the parking lot or in your book bags unless given permission to use the phone for class. If phones are out, they will be taken for the remainder of class and a warning will be issued on first offense. A detention will be assigned on the second and the following offenses.
  • Come to class (or zoom class) with a positive attitude. This will make your class time more enjoyable and productive as well as the rest of your day.
  • Students may use the restroom one at a time with permission. You must sign out and back in on the sheet at the front of the room. Please choose a time when we are not having a group activity.
  • Be respectful of our workspace and clean up your area before leaving. You will need to wipe down your piano before leaving. (This will be provided.) Be sure that your keyboard is turned off and your bench is pushed under the keyboard.
  • Be productive and have fun.

Classwork Rubric

Each student has a total of 100 points at the beginning of each week that a classwork grade will be given. These are the objectives that must be met in order to keep the 100 points at the end of the week. Occasional quizzes, some theory assignments, or “checks for understanding” will be graded as a separate class work grade.

Classwork Rubric

  • Students should be on time and ready to begin work. Not ready for class when the bell rings and teacher needs to prompt them to get ready will result in the loss of 5 points each incident.
  • Students should be prepared by having materials for class including music, theory book, headphones, ¼” adapters and pencils. Materials missing for class will result in the loss of 5 points each incident.
  • Students should be engaged in learning, following directions, remaining on task during group work and independent work. Students who do not follow instructions, are off task, or working on other materials will lose 5 points each incident.
  •  Students should bring a positive attitude for learning to class, show respect for others, and not disrupt the learning process. A positive attitude can promote the learning process for all. Students showing disrespect for others, poor attitudes, frequently talking out of turn, or disruptive behaviors will result in the loss of 5 points each incident.
  • Students should complete class work assignments when given. Students who do not complete class work will result in the loss of 10 points each incident.

Practice Expectations

The goals in the classical piano area include knowledge of music theory, development of technical skills, development of piano repertoire, and use of these skills in performing in various venues such as solo piano, piano ensembles, mixed ensembles or accompanying. Each student will work on technical skills with scales, arpeggios, and Hanon/Czerny exercises.

Home Practice Expectations

  • Middle School: 30 minutes/day (6 days/wk) for a weekly total of 180 minute
  • High School: 45-60 minutes/day (6 days/wk) for a weekly total of 270-360 minutes
  • Students will be expected to participate in a fall and spring recital. It is highly recommended that students participate in at least one district/state sponsored event such as Solo & Ensemble Festival, Achievement Day, or District Auditions. You will be getting dates for these events soon.
  • All Students will be expected to have a minimum of one piece of repertoire learned each nine weeks. Memorization of repertoire for the nine-week grading period will be based on the length of their studied pieces. Performance grades will be given each nine weeks.